Unlock Your Emotional Eating

3 Day Mini Series to Discover How to Break free from Emotional Eating

Have you ever felt like your emotional eating is getting in the way of your weigthloss goals?

Have you ever wondered if you could possibly gain back the control?

Well now is your chance to break free of emotional eating for good.

In this short programe you will discover 

- What Emotional Eating actually is

- Where emotional eating comes from 

-The types of emotional eating 

-How to recognise emotional eating

- And of course the steps to overcome your emotional eating - for good

You will get immediate access to a three part webinar series, 4 worksheet down loads and an Ebook 

What's included?

4 Videos
1 Multimedia
1 Text
2 PDFs

Unlock your emotional eating today!

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Ahisha Ferguson
Ahisha Ferguson
Nutrition and Weightloss Specialist

About the instructor

About Ahisha

Ahisha is started her adult life as a professional dancer and actor. She has performed on many stages from London’s West End, the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and, to Disneyland Paris where she graced the parades and shows as a Disney Princess. Her professional interest in health began when she took on the role of carer to Josh, and saw first hand how much good nutrition can change a person's life.

Ahisha then followed in Josh, footsteps and went back to school to study nutrition. In January 2017, Ahisha’s, mother and former Mayor of Stevenage, Sherma Batson, MBE suddenly passed away. While Ahisha dealt with her grief, she followed her dream of writing her first book. ‘Diet Stops Monday’ is an easy to read book to help women lose weight and keep it off without dieting. Ahisha says “In my book and with my clients I openly share my knowledge of the diet industry, as well as my own personal experiences (as a self confessed cake addict) to help other women break free from dieting and finally achieve the success they deserve”

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